October Beauty Favorites


Can you believe that it is already almost Halloween? As halloween approaches, the end of October also approaches.. and you know that that means, October Favorites of course! So for this months favorites, I have stuck strictly to beauty products!

1. Olay BB Cream


I have been using this BB cream for almost a year now, and I am a strong believer in it! We all have those days when we don’t want to cake the foundation on, well this is the PERFECT thing to use! It provides coverage, and it is super easy to put on! If you prefer more coverage than just a BB cream, I would still suggest using this as a primer under your foundation. It will make your foundation look fresh and last longer.

2. Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer

 rimmel concealr

I chose this product for my next October Favorite because I use this almost every day! This concealer is perfect for covering up under eye circles, hiding pimples, or highlighting with! I bought it in the shade 230 fair/light, which is about 3 shades too light for my skin, so it is perfect for highlighting! The brush on the top of the tube makes this product really easy to apply.

3. Wet n Wild lipstick- Purty Persimmon

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                wet n wild lipstick

The next product I chose is one of my go to lip colors! If I am searching for the perfect color for date night or girls night out, I always turn to my bright red lipstick! What I like most about this product is that it goes on very easily, and it lasts a long time. I love finding lipstick that I don’t have to worry about reapplying every 5 minutes! This is one of my favorite lip products.

4. Maybelline New York’s Color Tattoo Eye Studio

bad to the bronze             color tatoo too cool

Next is Maybelline New York’s Color Tattoo collection. These colors are two of my favorite, but I wear a lot of the other colors too, and LOVE THEM! The main thing I really like about these is the fact that they can be worn by themselves, or as an eyeshadow primer. I have worn them both ways, and I think that is what makes me love them so much! They are perfect for those days when I want an easy, quick makeup job, but also good for the days when I can spend a little more time!

5. Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation

estee lauder foundation

The last October Favorite is My HOLY GRAIL foundation! This has been with me through thick and thin, I know that sounds dramatic, but I am sure girls reading this know what I mean! I have been using this for a long time, and it never lets me down! It provides a lighter coverage, so if you need more coverage this may not be right for you, but I have found this to be my favorite foundation. I love the way it feels so light on my skin. I can barely tell I am wearing makeup, and that is exactly what I want from my foundation.

Well, those are all of my October Favorites! I hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Love always,



Raising a lab puppy.. the things nobody tells you

Ellie recentt

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great day!

This is my precious lab puppy (aka. daughter), Ellie!

She is almost 8 months old, and let me tell you.. she was A LOT harder to raise than I thought she would be. Puppy’s are HARD WORK!! Since I have learned the do’s and don’ts of raising a Labrador Retriever puppy, I am going to share what I think are 5 things nobody tells you.

1. They will chew up everything you care about

I am not sure exactly what it is about lab’s, but they LOVE to chew! Ellie has chewed up 3 pairs of my shoes until they were unrecognizable, and several of my boyfriend’s hats without blinking an eye. As puppies, they are teething, so it is natural for them to want to chew. My advice is to invest in a lot of chewing toys and bones. Here are a few of the things that worked great for Ellie.

rawhide bone

rawhide bones

rubber bone

Rubber bone

sock monkey

sock monkey

2. They will go through at least one bag of puppy chow a week

Young puppy’s can eat and eat and eat.. and just when you think they are full, they will eat again. They are bottomless pits! One thing my boyfriend and I have discovered is that Ellie loves “dog food cereal”. That is when we put milk in her dog food bowl to make it like cereal. She gulps it down in a matter of 3 seconds. It is by far her favorite. We stopped feeding her puppy chow about a month ago, but she still gets “dog food cereal” from time to time. I recommend these puppy food brands. They seem to have the best quality, and they have never given Ellie any stomach problems.

purina puppy chow iams puppy chow

3. They will be able to get anything they want from you, using their puppy dog eyes of course

I know you have heard the saying “don’t give me the puppy dog eyes”. Well, labs are the BEST at the puppy dog eyes. Somehow they are just born with the talent to make you give them whatever they want. When my boyfriend and I first got Ellie, we decided not to let her eat any people food.. needless to say, that did not last long for me! I was very quick to cave into her adorable green puppy eyes! They are just simple irresistible.


4. You can NEVER have too many pee pee pads

If you are planning to keep your lab inside, then you will need a lot of pee pee pads. Labs aren’t small dogs and they don’t have small bladders, so they don’t have to go to the bathroom very much when they are older. However, that isn’t the case when they are puppies. To avoid accidents in the house, pee pee pads do just the job. They aren’t hard to set up and they are easy to clean up. Ellie had no problem learning to use one either. After about 2 days of being exposed to it, she caught on quickly and used one until she started staying outside!

peepee pads

5. You will love him/her like one of your children

I have had Ellie for almost 8 months now, and my heart still melts when she looks at me. It is hard to explain, but I love her like I would love one of my children (if I had children). She is the cutest, sweetest dog I could have asked for. I predict that if you get a lab puppy, or already have one, you will feel the same way abut him/her.

Even though raising a Lab puppy is hard work, it all pays off in the end when you have a companion that loves you just as much as you love him/her. I love Ellie like a child, and I hope you can experience that type of bond with a lab or any dog! Lab’s make great family pets or great pets for just one person. They will keep you entertained because they are always getting into different things! No matter how hard it was to raise Ellie, it will always be worth it to me.

love always,


OOTD– high waisted shorts!!

Just wanted to post a quick OOTD! I am throwing it back to the 80’s today with my DIY high waist shorts and baggy shirt. If you would like me to make a post about how to make them let me know in the comments!


I paired this with my one of my favorite fall/winter pair of shoes, my glittery toms!


I accesorized with these delicate silver and
teal earrings…


And of course, my diamond ring!


Its been a great Tuesday!
Love always,

From My Closet To Yours

So for my very first blog post, I decided to introduce my style to you!!


This shows my edgy/chic side! I have many clothes like this in my closet.. every girl needs to feel chic on occasions!





you cannot see my outfit as well in this picture, but this explains my free spirited/outgoing side!

I am very laid-back and the flowers in this picture express that perfectly





This expresses more of my hippie side. I have to admit, I am a HUGE hippie.

Yes, that means I like the trees.. and I try to do anything I can to help the environment.

Over the course on my blog, you will see my hippie style come out through my fashion and my hairstyles.





this is the last picture, and it shows my classy side.

Every girl loves getting dressed up and going on a date!

I love wearing what I consider a “classy” outfit when I am in the mood to feel girly!



Those are the main 4 styles my closet consists of!

My purpose for starting this blog is to share my fashion, beauty tips and products, and hair styles with you!

I hope you enjoy!!

Love always,


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