Quick and Easy DIY Summer Treats

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted on my blog in a while, so I decided to share my latest video with you guys! I am showing you how to make my favorite DIY summer treats! I hope you enjoy! Advertisements

Valentine’s Day Treats and Gift Ideas!<3

Are you having trouble deciding what to make for Valentine’s Day this year? I know we love to have heart shaped treats around to snack on! I am going to show you 5 treats and gift ideas that are super fast and easy! I hope this gives you some inspiration!! Love always, Hallie!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It’s finally my favorite season.. WINTER! Most people choose summer, spring, or fall for their favorite season, I chose winter for 10 main reasons! 1. Home made Hot CoCo Hot coco is one of the main things I love about winter! It is so warm and cozy! Here is a great recipe for homemade hot coco! It […]

There is no Planet B

First of all, I want to say I am so sorry for not posting in forever! My life has been CRAZY with holidays, finals, and work. I will begin posting more regularly again!  Am I crazy about pollution and conserving the environment? no. Do I think our environment needs our help? yes. Over the years, […]

Thigh Highs Can Be Classy

I know you have seen dozens of famous people wearing knit thigh high socks or over the knee (otn) socks. As winter is approaching, thigh high socks are trending. This is a very hard item of clothing to wear for a few reasons: 1. People think over the knee socks aren’t appropriate for a lady […]

Stud Sanity

Originally posted on Fash Heads:
Studs are all the craze at the moment, they have been for a while. This trend is in tune with the punk revival.  Whether pointy or blunt, on skirts or shirts, studs are a fashion must have. A frenzy of fashionistas  have been seen showcasing stud sanity on Look Book.…