Thigh Highs Can Be Classy

I know you have seen dozens of famous people wearing knit thigh high socks or over the knee (otn) socks. As winter is approaching, thigh high socks are trending. This is a very hard item of clothing to wear for a few reasons:

1. People think over the knee socks aren’t appropriate for a lady to wear in public

This is the most ridiculous thing ever, but it happens all the time! When people see a young girl wearing thigh high socks, they automatically assume it is some type of “lingerie”. This is a false assumption, and a quite ignorant one too. In this post, I am not referring to lingerie when I say thigh highs, I am referring to knit socks that come above the knee.

2. Styling thigh highs is hard no matter how long your legs are

What I have discovered in my experience with them is that people with shorter legs have a harder time styling them, but when they do it is less likely to give the image I mentioned in number 1. People with longer legs have an easier time styling thigh highs, but they often have a problem making them look “classy”. The problem with having longer legs is that there is more room between the top of the sock and your bottom hemline. This means that more of their leg is showing, which gives the allusion that I mention in number 1. No matter if you have long or short legs, you will probably run into some issues.

As a lady, the key to wearing something that is a little more revealing than you are use to is making sure that is the only piece of clothing you’re wearing that is risky. For example, if I decide to wear a shorter skirt I would wear a top that is more cautious. If I decide to wear a lower cut top, then I choose bottoms that are more conservative. This is the key to keeping it classy but still fun.

Here are a few pictures I found of women wearing thigh highs. I think all of these are styled perfectly and I would wear all of these outfits. Keep in mind that most of these are models, so it was hard to find images of girls with shorter legs.

thigh highs 2thigh highs 3

thigh highs 4

thigh highs 5

thigh highs 6

thigh highs 7

thigh highs 8

thigh highs 9

thigh highs 10thigh highs


7 thoughts on “Thigh Highs Can Be Classy

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  2. This notion of fashion is really *high* style here in Okinawa. I would imagine it to be much more common in the other more urban and progressive parts of Japan. The woman here carry it off very well; I assure you it doesn’t look inappropriate, except perhaps when it’s meant to, such as with Halloween costumes!

      • I think the idea of dressing up your legs (for a woman) in Japan is much more of a fashionable idea, where, in American, the notion of stockings and thigh-highs has a more overt sexual connotation. The leggings/hose section of stores in Japan are much more extensive than those in the states, both in style, choice, and sheer (pun intended) size. I found a similar fashion expression when I lived in Italy in the late 1990s…. Oh, and the Japanese are actually all about protecting their skin from the sun, and that element actually may play a much bigger role in their creative covering of their legs.

      • Well I’m glad you told me that because I never would’ve known! Sounds like I need to go shopping in Japan! I love the idea of protecting your skin! I think people in the states get too caught up in being “tan” and forget how unhealthy it actually is!

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