From My Closet To Yours

So for my very first blog post, I decided to introduce my style to you!!


This shows my edgy/chic side! I have many clothes like this in my closet.. every girl needs to feel chic on occasions!





you cannot see my outfit as well in this picture, but this explains my free spirited/outgoing side!

I am very laid-back and the flowers in this picture express that perfectly





This expresses more of my hippie side. I have to admit, I am a HUGE hippie.

Yes, that means I like the trees.. and I try to do anything I can to help the environment.

Over the course on my blog, you will see my hippie style come out through my fashion and my hairstyles.





this is the last picture, and it shows my classy side.

Every girl loves getting dressed up and going on a date!

I love wearing what I consider a “classy” outfit when I am in the mood to feel girly!



Those are the main 4 styles my closet consists of!

My purpose for starting this blog is to share my fashion, beauty tips and products, and hair styles with you!

I hope you enjoy!!

Love always,



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