Quick and Easy DIY Summer Treats

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted on my blog in a while, so I decided to share my latest video with you guys! I am showing you how to make my favorite DIY summer treats! I hope you enjoy!


What’s in my Bag TAG + My Organization Tips!!

I have been so excited to post this video! I am showing you everything that is in my handbag. I try to stay pretty organized in my everyday life, so I am going to share with you some of my tips! I hope you enjoy!!

Spring Break Outfit Ideas + MY BEACH ESSENTIALS!!

This is some of my favorite outfits for Spring 2014! Also, I am sharing my beach essentials with you because I love going to the beach!!

Love Always,

My Goals For Youtube!

When some people see that I make YouTube videos, many of them ask why. Why would you want to make videos of yourself putting on makeup or showing the newest styles? What is the point?


Well, I asked myself the same thing when I began making videos. What is my purpose in doing this? Is this going to be  a waste of time because not very many people will see my videos?

After contemplating these questions for a while, I realized what my purpose is on YouTube. My goal is to help girls with their self-confidence. You are probably wondering how a YouTube video would help someone with their confidence. Well, I am trying to make my videos in a way that girls feel they can relate to me.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 8.35.21 PMEveryone needs a friend, and I hope to be that friend to someone who needs it. I want girls to watch my videos and learn how to feel better about themselves.

On my YouTube channel I will be sharing my life story and the struggles I have been through so far in life. I have made it through middle school and high school, and I am beginning my journey through college. Even if it is just one person, I hope to impact their lives in a positive way through my YouTube channel!

I hope that you will take the time to see what I have been working on so far! Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Love always,


Valentine’s Day Treats and Gift Ideas!<3

Are you having trouble deciding what to make for Valentine’s Day this year? I know we love to have heart shaped treats around to snack on! I am going to show you 5 treats and gift ideas that are super fast and easy! I hope this gives you some inspiration!!

Love always,


Valentine’s Day ⎜Hair, Makeup, and Outfit Ideas!

Well hello there! It feels like it has been a century since I have done a blog post. I want to apologize for that! I have so many ideas to post about, it is just hard to find the time.

Anyways, today’s post is featuring a hair, makeup, and 3 outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day! Since it is right around the corner, hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration.

I hope you enjoy!

Love always,


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It’s finally my favorite season.. WINTER! Most people choose summer, spring, or fall for their favorite season, I chose winter for 10 main reasons!

1. Home made Hot CoCo

Hot coco is one of the main things I love about winter! It is so warm and cozy! Here is a great recipe for homemade hot

coco! It is super easy to make. All it takes is a few ingredients and a mixing spoon!! Homemade hot coco makes the


winter feel so warm! Even if it is below freezing outside, a nice warm cup of hot coco will make everything better.

2. Christmas

I love EVERYTHING about Christmas. Most importantly, the birth of Christ, but I enjoy everything from the presents to seeing family. Christmas is my all time favorite holiday. I love baking Christmas cookies, and gazing at

christmas treethe holiday lights as I drive by. There are so many things that make Christmas special. It is the one time of year we see our family from out of town, and everyone seems to have the holiday cheer. The Christmas music has already started, and it reminds me of how close it actually is!

3. Lighting the Fire

When you are inside by the fire, you forget about the unbearably cold weather that is just outside your door. When the fire is lit, everyone seems to be happier. What is better than putting on your footy pajamas and cuddling up by


the fire?

4. New Years

Almost as soon as Christmas is over, we get to celebrate the new year! Along with this comes new years eve parties, new year’s resolutions, and fireworks! What is better than spending time with all of your friends around a bonfire,  fireworks

shooting fireworks, and eating smores? New years eve is the perfect time to celebrate all we have accomplished in the past year, and get ready to embrace the new year.

5. Valentines Day

After celebrating Christmas and the new year, it is time to celebrate my 2nd favorite holiday, Valentines day! This is a day packed full of love, hugs, and kisses. All girls adore Valentines day!valentines-day-card7

6. Snow

Snow is one of my favorite things about winter, even though I don’t see very much of it. I live in the south and snow is a rare sight around here, but when it does snow, everyone goes NUTS! (including me)Winter snow, Kent, England, UK

7. Wearing my favorite scarves

In my opinion, a scarf can make an outfit so much more fun. Scarves are one of my favorite things about winter because they are so many to choose from. You can either dress them down with a big sweater and some leggings or 1002402_352040134899281_1033260501_n

you can dress them up with a skirt and shirt like I am wearing in this picture. Scarves give you the opportunity to put your personality into your outfit.

8. Eating my favorite soups

I love to eat some soup, but for some reason eating it in the summer just doesn’t feel right. I love coming in from the freezing cold and eating a nice, hot bowl of one of my favorite soups. Nothing beats it!chicken vegetable soup with red potatoes 8

9. Shopping (everything is on sale)

Winter is always the best time to find great deals! There is always the anticipated Black Friday, but there are also lots of other sales happening in the winter. Not to mention winter clothes are so much more fun to shop for.stock-illustration-11190228-winter-shopping

10. Ugg Boots

I saved this one for last, because of course it is my favorite! I have a strange attachment to my ugg boots. Every year I am counting down the days until it is cold enough to wear Uggs. They are so warm and fuzzy, even if the rest


of my body is freezing from the cold weather, I know my feet will be warm

Those are the 10 things that I love about winter. Winter is my favorite season for these reasons

what is your favorite season?

Love Always,


There is no Planet B

First of all, I want to say I am so sorry for not posting in forever! My life has been CRAZY with holidays, finals, and work. I will begin posting more regularly again!

 Am I crazy about pollution and conserving the environment? no. Do I think our environment needs our help? yes. Over the years, people have become less and less concerned with our planet. This is the place where we live, and just as the title reads, there is no planet B.

I have put together 10 simple things we can do to help our planet.

1. An alternative for diapers

cloth diapersBy the time one child is potty trained, a parent will have gone through between 5,000 and 8,000 diapers. That is about 3.5 million tons of waste in the US landfills, and that is just for one child. Think about how many diapers 10 children go through. Cloth diapers are a more environmentally friendly disposal diaper is an easy fix for this problem!

2. Use both sides of the paper

use both sidesTo  a person who doesn’t attend college everyday, this probably seems like a silly way to help our environment. I attend a college, and we use paper in all of my classes everyday. I have 5 classes. Some teachers allow us to write on the back of our paper and some do not. By simply allowing us to use both sides,  we can tremendously cut down on     the use of paper. Yes, paper comes from trees, and yes trees are renewable, but why would we want to kill more trees than we have to?

3. Brush without running water

brushingYou have heard this one a million times I’m sure, but it really works. If we stop brushing with the water running, it can conserve up to 5 gallons of water a day. In the US alone, 1.5 billion gallons of water could be saved. That is a lot of water! This is something easy that won’t burden you in any way, but will help the environment tremendously!

4. Plant a tree

The next thing is so easy, a child can do it! Planting just one tree helps the treeair, the land, and it can provide shade to your house. A tree can cause you to spend less money on heat during the winter and they can improve the value of your home. Planting trees can be done as an individual thing, or you could even make it a family activity. Planting a tree and tracking its progress is always a fun way to bond with family.

5. Thrift Shops are Your Best Friend

Retail-Shopping-BagsThrift stores are the perfect place to find used items that are in great condition for a good price. Whether it be clothes, jewelry, toys, and many more things, they are bound to have it. They are known for their great prices, but also very high quality items. I have found many designer handbags and shoes at retail shops for more than half of the original price. They are a great way to buy used items and also sell your used items. I listed two of my FAVORITE thrift shops below!

6. Maintain Your Vehicles


The next thing is easy, especially if you have a guy in your life. Guys are fanatics about this kind of stuff. They are always worrying about when to change the oil, or rotate the tires (blah, blah, blah). Have you ever thought about how much those small thing can help save our environment. If everyone takes better care of their cars, they will last longer! When you maintain your vehicle, your are extending the life of it and saving on gas. So daughters, wives, girlfriends, etc start thanking the men in your life because they are saving you money and helping out the environment.

7. Say NO to plastic bags

This sounds so easy right? Well, I know.. it isn’t that easy! Carrying a reusable bag or a paper bag no-plastic-bagsis not always the most convenient thing in the world. Sometimes we forget, or sometimes we just have too much stuff to fit in them! In the US alone, 84 billion plastic bags are used each year. Unfortunately, they are not biodegradable so they build up and they will eventually make their way into our oceans. Using alternatives will help tremendously.

8. Pay your bills online

z1_bills_paidTheoretically, if Americans would pay their bills online and recieve online statements, we would save 18.5 million trees every year, 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and 1.7 billion pounds of solid waste. This website is a great way to organize your bills if you decide to start receiving them online. This change may take some getting use to at first, but it will be worth it in the long run.

9. Use rechargeable batteries

Using something as simple as rechargeable batteries cansanyo energizerbenefit our environment. Yes, it is more money up front but it will save you money in the long run, and you will always be fully stocked for your child’s new toy that he/she is dying to play with. Most of the batteries that are produced and sold are alkaline batteries, and only a few of those get recycled.

10. Share the things you have learned today

go green tree go_green_recycle_vectorized

Getting the message to other people about going green and saving our environment is crucial. This is not something that one person can do. It takes everyone together and making an effort for this to be accomplished. Nobody said “Going Green” was easy. It will take us changing our habits and spreading the word for this fantasy to become a reality.

Love always,


My FAVORITE online thrift shops:

Web Thrift Shop

Thrift Junction

Thigh Highs Can Be Classy

I know you have seen dozens of famous people wearing knit thigh high socks or over the knee (otn) socks. As winter is approaching, thigh high socks are trending. This is a very hard item of clothing to wear for a few reasons:

1. People think over the knee socks aren’t appropriate for a lady to wear in public

This is the most ridiculous thing ever, but it happens all the time! When people see a young girl wearing thigh high socks, they automatically assume it is some type of “lingerie”. This is a false assumption, and a quite ignorant one too. In this post, I am not referring to lingerie when I say thigh highs, I am referring to knit socks that come above the knee.

2. Styling thigh highs is hard no matter how long your legs are

What I have discovered in my experience with them is that people with shorter legs have a harder time styling them, but when they do it is less likely to give the image I mentioned in number 1. People with longer legs have an easier time styling thigh highs, but they often have a problem making them look “classy”. The problem with having longer legs is that there is more room between the top of the sock and your bottom hemline. This means that more of their leg is showing, which gives the allusion that I mention in number 1. No matter if you have long or short legs, you will probably run into some issues.

As a lady, the key to wearing something that is a little more revealing than you are use to is making sure that is the only piece of clothing you’re wearing that is risky. For example, if I decide to wear a shorter skirt I would wear a top that is more cautious. If I decide to wear a lower cut top, then I choose bottoms that are more conservative. This is the key to keeping it classy but still fun.

Here are a few pictures I found of women wearing thigh highs. I think all of these are styled perfectly and I would wear all of these outfits. Keep in mind that most of these are models, so it was hard to find images of girls with shorter legs.

thigh highs 2thigh highs 3

thigh highs 4

thigh highs 5

thigh highs 6

thigh highs 7

thigh highs 8

thigh highs 9

thigh highs 10thigh highs

Stud Sanity

Fash Heads


Studs are all the craze at the moment, they have been for a while. This trend is in tune with the punk revival.  Whether pointy or blunt, on skirts or shirts, studs are a fashion must have. A frenzy of fashionistas  have been seen showcasing stud sanity on Look Book.


Anastasia S (24) in Paris


Anne B in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Caroline B in Stockholm, Sweden

There are many ways to wear studs. Ceri here is seen in a basic black crop with a sexy high slit skirt. The studded shirt is worn over the mono-toned outfit. This is a simple way to sport studs – making them the focus of the outfit. However, there are many more magnificent ways to strut your stuff in this rocking trend.


Ceri Craig (19) in Randburg JHB, 21/09/2013

If studs seem too punk for you, you can always get gangster in this Studded…

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